The Phoneline Subcommittee’s primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers. The Phoneline Subcommittee will provide service in accordance with the 12 Traditions of NA.

Literature Review

This subcommittee deals with NA related printed materials. It seeks the input of the fellowship for review of any unapproved literature, compile this input, and present it to the ASC. It also brings forward for Area review and input, literature in the review stage by the World Literature Committee. SUBCOMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENT: 3rd Batch of Spiritual…

Public Information

This subcommittee deals with how NA interfaces with society (media, etc.) the NA image, and how we can get those outside of the fellowship to carry our message to addicts we cannot reach. This subcommittee deals with the information necessary to instigate public information campaigns. Refer to the P.I. Handbook for further guidelines.

Literature Bank

This subcommittee maintains a stockpile of literature and supplies for sale to Area members and groups with said stockpile and cash on hand not to exceed the amount of the Area Literature Bank.


The purpose of this subcommittee is to promote unity within Esperanza Area through workshops, dances, picnics, etc. The secondary function of this subcommittee is to raise funds for Area, Region, and World.


This subcommittee deals with issues which represent the policy of Esperanza. The general policies of NA are expressly stated in the Traditions. However, the application of these Traditions is the concern of this subcommittee. The subcommittee shall suggest new policy or modifications to existing policy for ASC to consider.


This subcommittee acts as a resource to groups and individual members in their efforts to carry the message into institutions such as jails, hospitals, detoxification centers, and recovery houses. Its goal is to avoid tradition violations while carrying our message to those who cannot freely come to us.

Executive Committee


The primary purpose of this subcommittee is to actively seek and encourage the growth of NA within the Esperanza Area by providing support to new groups and existing groups that are having problems.